NSW commercial LED lighting upgrade scheme available

Save thousands on your lighting energy costs and only pay a $33 fee to upgrade all fluorescent lights to energy saving, flicker-free LED Panels – as part of the NSW Government’s LED light replacement scheme.

E-lite can replace every fluro tube, Troffer (twin fluros), and fluro louver fitting – with LED Panels for a single $33.00 fee, not per light!

The Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) Scheme (part of NSW ESS) covers the cost of upgrading your fluorescent tubes, to long lasting LED lighting which can also save you 75% of your lighting power costs!

High quality lighting with 5 year product warranties:

Conditions apply – refer below.

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Replace old inefficient Fluorescent lighting

…with clear, bright, non flicker, energy saving LED lighting

Process to achieve your energy saving

  • If interested, we will need to come on site by appointment and do an assessment for lighting upgrade
  • Prior to the assessment for lighting upgrade, we will need to obtain the following from you: Contact Name, Business Name, Business Address, ABN and nature of business i.e. Retail, wholesale, ware-house, manufacturing
  • A nomination form assigning the job to us as your Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) is required from the authorised signatory of the company
  • Our free energy saving assessment will recommend solutions that can save up to 50% off your total current energy costs!
  • Once these formalities are completed and accepted, we will supply the lights to your premises on the day of the installation, with fitting undertaken by the electrical contractor, who also complete the final stage of the documentation process
  • Installations are conducted with minimum impact to your operating environment and in most cases are finished within 24hrs
  • Old lights will need to be surrendered to us for recycling and will be taken away ASAP
  • Any additional costs – approved in advance, will need to be paid at the time of installation for e.g. power sockets, power cable extensions, hanging chains etc – including any additional time required by the electrical contractor
  • Please note: this offer is for a limited time, and the government’s terms and conditions are subject to change without notice

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting benefits :

  • Reduces energy costs – uses at least 75% less energy than standard lighting – which can represent a 50% saving off your overall current energy costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs – lasts for 50,000 hrs, no bulb-replacements, no ladders, no ongoing disposal program
  • Produces a better quality of light than traditional forms of lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent
  • Safe and durable — won’t break like a bulb, no toxic substances (mercury)
  • Less heat- lower air-conditioning costs
  • Instantly turns on- no waiting
  • Plus government rebates currently available to homes and businesses to retrofit, so you can save also save on the installation costs
  • Whilst reducing your environmental impact!

How the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) scheme works

New South Wales Energy Saver Scheme (ESS / IPART) is a NSW government scheme designed to reduce electricity and gas use by creating financial incentives for households and organisations to invest in upgrades to save energy.

This NSW government led replacement program can save your business literally thousands in your lighting bills every year.

Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) helps NSW households and small businesses using <270kWh of electricity per day save energy by supporting a range of energy efficiency upgrades, including lighting upgrades.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce your business energy costs, this NSW government incentive for LED lights is a great opportunity.

Key points:

  • You must be under 100MW of electricity consumption per year. We will need a copy of your electricity bill as proof that your average daily consumption is under 273kWh/day
  • We change over your 2X T8 (just under 100W) Tube fittings for a 24W LED Panel (70% energy reduction) + recycle all old fittings
  • You pay a mandatory co-payment of $33 (including GST) irrespective of the number of panels lights you have in your establishment
  • We claim the cost of the job by selling the energy saving certificates created (by the upgrade at your premises), in the ESC certificate market
  • 24W LED Panels (PDF) cost up to $75 each un-subsidised, and save you around $41-$52 each per year based off your rate of electricity i.e. 0.25-32 Cents /KWh at 52 hours a week of usage.
  • There will be an increase in light levels, from quality the quality lighting used – plus a reduction on your electricity bill!
  • The warranty is for 5 years


  • There is a large array of high consumption lights that can be changed under the scheme, however there are some lights which are not eligible
  • There may also be some lights that are eligible, but require non subsidised fitting – or an extra large panel
  • So without any obligation, we’ll clarify all details following the assessment.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

E-Lite Australasia Pty Ltd is an Accredited Certified Provider (ACP) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.
In order to implement projects, businesses can work with us and we can create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) for each notional MWh of energy that the project saves.
This can help you to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs.

We are accredited by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to undertake energy saving activities under the Energy Saving Scheme: Home (Small Business) Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) PDF.
As ACP’s we are offering to upgrade certain type of lights at your premises.

You will find us listed as ACP’s on the ESS website (look for E-lite Australasia Pty Ltd)

Commercial Lighting Scheme

There are additional subsidised Commercial Lighting options available, in addition to the HEER scheme, based on criteria involved. We’ll advise what’s applicable to your situation, once we do an assessment.

Read more about the option of Subsidised High Bays and LED lights

LED High Bay

NSW led light replacementAre you searching for the best LED panel lights Sydney that will not only last longer but also be durable and efficient? Do you want to purchase led panel lights at the best rates? Look no further! E-Lite Australasia offers top-quality LED lights at the best rates. We have worked in this firm for over a decade and deeply understand the Australian culture. We provide custom products in such a way that they satisfy the needs of our clientele. Our experience and positive feedback from our clientele have earned us the reputation of being one of Australia’s most trusted LED manufacturers.

What is an LED Light?

LED stands for a light emitting diode. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that generates light by electroluminescence. In the presence of an electric current, semiconductor material emits visible light. In this regard, an LED as opposed to a photovoltaic cell, which is the cell used in solar arrays to convert visible light into power. The technology behind LED panel lights NSW has been known for years. LED technology contributed to the development of solid-state transistors, enabling the moon landing and the production of portable AM radios.

NSW led replacementA young scientist working for General Electric invented the first LEDs in the early 1960s. They were initially employed by businesses as indicator lights for circuit boards and became renowned for their longevity and energy economy. The second generation of LEDs, which became commercially available in the 1980s and 1990s, was utilised by several towns to replace old incandescent bulbs in streetlights. Some individuals began experimenting with using them as fluorescent light replacements in outdoor signs.

We are currently utilising LEDs of the third generation. This most recent version lasts longer, is more durable, performs better, and is more energy-efficient than any other lighting source. Numerous industrial, commercial, and residential facilities now utilise LEDs for various purposes.

Benefits of LED Panel Lights Sydney

LED lighting is the most recent innovation in the lighting sector. LED technology’s energy efficiency and long lifespan have the potential to revolutionise how businesses illuminate their premises by reducing power costs and overall energy consumption. LED panel lights Sydney offer numerous advantages to industrial and commercial enterprises interested in decreasing energy consumption and costs. The following are some benefits of LED lights:

tube light replacement SydneyExtended Lifespan of LED Troffer Light NSW

The lifespan of an LED troffer light NSW is far longer than that of the average incandescent light bulb. A typical incandescent bulb lasts approximately one thousand hours. The average LED light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Depending on how it is utilised, its lifespan could reach 100,000 hours. This means that an LED light can last between six and twelve years before it must be replaced.

This is forty times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb. LED lights to survive at least two to four times longer than fluorescent, metal halide, or sodium vapour lighting. As a result, not only are replacement expenses reduced but so are maintenance expenditures associated with your company’s lighting bill.

Energy Conservation with LED Troffer Light Sydney

One of the primary advantages of LED troffer light Sydney is their energy-efficient operation. The energy efficiency of a lighting source can be measured in usable lumens, which indicate the amount of light the device emits for each watt of power it consumes. In the past, the light was measured by the number of lumens it produced, but in actuality, part of these lumens was wasted. LED lighting generates less wasted and more usable lumens than alternative lighting solutions.

If you replace all the lighting in your workplace, school, or other institution with LEDs, your overall energy efficiency may increase by 60 to 70 per cent. In other instances, the improvement might be as significant as 90 per cent, depending on the type of lighting being replaced and the type of LED lighting being used.

These increases in energy efficiency correlate directly with cost savings. When you replace a conventional light source with an LED light source, your energy consumption will decrease, making LED lighting an intelligent investment for any company’s bottom line!

led panel lights SydneyEnhancement of Environmental Performance with LED Tube Light Replacement NSW

Eco-friendliness is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. Using an environmentally friendly light source can assist companies in reducing their energy consumption and attracting socially concerned customers. The tube light replacement NSW is available at reasonable rates on E-Lite Australasia.

LED lighting’s environmental benefits extend to its production process. Many conventional light sources, such as fluorescent lighting and mercury vapour lamps, incorporate mercury into their manufacturing. As a result, they require special care once they near the end of their lives. You don’t have to stress over these concerns with LED lights.

Capability to Perform in Frigid Conditions

Traditional lighting sources dislike the cold. When the temperature drops, lighting sources, namely fluorescent lights, require a greater starting voltage, and their light output decreases.

On the other hand, LED lights to perform around 5 per cent better in cold conditions. Therefore, LED lights are the superior option for lighting in freezers, meat lockers, cold storage areas, and refrigerated display cases. Their ability to work so effectively in cold weather makes them the ideal choice for parking lot lights, lights used to illuminate building perimeters, and outdoor signs.

tube light replacement NSWNo Heat or Ultraviolet Emissions with LED Panel Lights Sydney

If you have attempted to replace an incandescent light bulb immediately after it has burned out, you know how hot they become when in use. Many conventional light sources, such as incandescent bulbs, convert more than 90 per cent of the energy they consume into heat, leaving only 10 per cent for light generation.

The majority of the light emitted by LEDs falls within the visible spectrum. This property is one reason medical specialists are considering LEDs as a potential treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), affecting many individuals throughout the winter months. LEDs are also great for illuminating artworks that would decay or deteriorate over time when exposed to UV rays. The LED panel lights Sydney can be purchased at the best rates at E-Lite Australasia.

Design Modularity

LEDs are small-sized, approximately about the size of a speck of pepper. This means that they can be utilised for virtually any purpose. Remember that their original function was as a circuit board indicator light. By combining them in clusters, a conventional bulb is created. When LED lights are strung together, they generate a line or series of lights, similar to a string of Christmas lights. Consider the lighting possibilities this provides for your facility. LED devices can be so small that they can be used to illuminate everything from a retail store to a professional football arena.

led panel lights NSWImmediate Lighting and the Capacity to Withstand Frequent Switching

Opt for LED tube light replacement Sydney if you require a fast-acting light source. LED lights may immediately turn on and off. For example, if you are utilising a metal halide lamp, you must be prepared for a warm-up period. Consider how, when turned on, a fluorescent light flickers and takes two or three seconds to illuminate fully. These are some issues that can be avoided by using LED lighting. Additionally, turning traditional lighting sources on and off frequently reduces their longevity. LED lights are unaffected by switching often. It has no adverse effect on their longevity or efficiency.

This characteristic makes LEDs a perfect option for your business if you require the lights to turn on soon following a power outage or surge. This feature is especially beneficial if you want the lights to turn on immediately when an employee unlocks a building before sunrise early in the morning. Since LEDs are unaffected by switching on and off, they can be rapidly cycled for applications requiring sensors that often switch from on to off and back on.

Opt for LED Tube Light Replacement Sydney for Low Voltage Operation

If your business is located in a location prone to floods, you should be able to light the building with equipment that consumes as little electricity as possible. LEDs are ideal for this application because they operate at low voltage. Using a low-voltage system in flood-prone locations safeguards your employees and others from potentially damaging or fatal shocks. So, opting for LED tube light replacement Sydney would be the best choice to make.

If someone accidentally touches an electrical component during flood cleanup, a low-voltage lighting system that creates 12 volts is significantly safer than a line voltage system that generates 120 volts. This makes them highly handy for outdoor applications when alternative lighting options may not conform to local regulations.

Dimming Capabilities

LEDs work effectively at any power level, from roughly 5% to 100%. Dimming specific light sources, such as metal halide, reduces their efficiency. Sometimes, it is impossible to dim them. Contrary to this, LED lighting has the opposite effect. It functions more efficiently when less than full power is applied to an LED light. This characteristic leads to further benefits. It enhances the bulb’s lifespan and reduces energy use, consequently lowering energy expenditures. It is vital to realise that traditional equipment cannot be used to dim LED lighting. They require specialised gear for their technologies.

The Direction of Travel

Every standard lighting technology emits light in every direction surrounding the light source. Therefore, if you want the light to illuminate a specific region, you must purchase accessories to direct or deflect the light in the desired direction.

If you don’t reflect or redirect the light, you’ll waste energy illuminating places that don’t require illumination, resulting in more extraordinary energy expenses.

However, an LED light only illuminates an area of 180°, making LED lighting ideal for recessed lighting in an industrial kitchen, corridor, or bathroom. It’s also great for lighting artwork, not only because it won’t harm the artwork but also because you won’t lose any illumination power to the light source’s back.

led troffer light SydneyNSW LED Replacement Solutions for Businesses

The NSW LED replacement is the answer to whether you need higher energy efficiency, simplified maintenance, or enhanced environmental performance from your lighting equipment. LED lights are more expensive than conventional lighting sources; however, their prices decrease each year. Even if you have to pay a bit more upfront, the money you save in the long run compensates for the additional expense. LED lights are one of the most significant advances in decreasing energy consumption and prices in recent decades.

These applications and advantages are among the several reasons why LEDs have grown so prevalent in corporate applications. The Department of Energy estimates that 348 terawatt-hours of electricity might be saved if more businesses, companies, government institutions, and individuals switched to LED lighting by 2027. This calculates the annual output of 44 large electric power plants and results in savings of about $30 billion for many enterprises, corporations, and individuals.

Why Choose E-Lite Australasia?

Since we first established our firm, our primary goal has been to provide clients with high-quality goods and services that we sell and install, enabling them to cut costs on their monthly energy bills. We actively design and produce LED products to meet the requirements of the residential and commercial markets in Australia. E-lite is also an importer of components of the highest quality, such as MOSO LED drivers, which enable a wide range of applications and are easily programmable with intelligent lighting control to optimise the light’s control, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, control light pollution, and so on.

This is another way we strive to meet the needs of our Australian customers. Our company is an industry leader in the distribution of products and services that reduce the amount of energy used. In addition, we offer a programme for reducing energy consumption and retrofitting residential buildings to protect the environment and deliver the advantages of these programmes at the most competitive prices.

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