E-lite are Accredited Certificate Providers (ACP’s)

We are accredited by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to undertake energy saving activities under the Energy Saving Scheme: Home (Small Business) Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) PDF.
As ACP’s we are offering to upgrade certain type of lights at your premises.

You will find us listed as ACP’s on the ESS website (look for E-lite Australasia Pty Ltd)

The following is how the scheme works:

You must be under 100MW of electricity consumption per year. We will need a copy of your electricity bill as proof that your average daily consumption is under 273kWh/day.

We change over your 2X T8 (just under 100W) Tube fittings for a 24W LED Panel (70% energy reduction) + recycle all old fittings.

You pay a mandatory co-payment of $33 (incl GST) irrespective of the number of panels lights you have in your establishment.

We claim the cost of the job by selling the energy saving certificates created (by the upgrade at your premises), in the ESC certificate market.

24W LED Panels (PDF) cost up to $75 each un-subsidised, and save you around $41-$52 each per year based off your rate of electricity i.e. 0.25-32 Cents /KWh at 52 hours a week of usage.

There will be an increase in light levels, from quality the quality lighting used – plus a reduction on your electricity bill is assured!

The warranty is for 5 years.

Note: There is a large array of high consumption lights that can be changed under the scheme, however there are some lights which are not eligible. Please contact us with any questions regarding eligibility.

ESS Overview

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) reduces energy consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives to invest in energy savings activities

The NSW Energy Efficiency Scheme is a government initiative managed by the Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), to reduce the carbon foot print in Australia and save the planet from global warming.

Through this scheme any small to medium size enterprise can substitute high consuming Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour, Halogen or environmentally hazardous florescent lamps at a highly subsidised rate – with LED lighting such as LED High Bays, Tubes and Downlights.

So here’s your chance to protect the environment and reduce your carbon foot print – whilst saving on electricity bills!

Business Invest

Businesses invest in better technology to reduce their energy use.


Energy savings certificates are generated through the reduction in energy use.

Energy Retailers Purchase

Liable parties such as electricity retailers buy energy savings certificates.

Businesses Benefit

The cost of energy savings certificates is returned to the businesses who generate them.

E-Lite Australasia Pty Ltd is an Accredited Certified Provider (ACP) under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) began 1st July. 2009 and is part of the NSW Government’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions 60% by 2050. ESS provides financial incentives to businesses to implement energy savings projects.

In order to implement projects, businesses can work with us and we can create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) for each notional MWh of energy that the project saves.
This can help you to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs!

Working with E-lite as your ESS - Accredited Certificate Provider

Free Energy Saving Assessment

We provide free energy saving assessments and can recommend solutions that save up to 50% off your total current energy costs!

E-lite provides energy usage assessments to isolate areas of your business that could benefit from energy saving technology.

Your energy assessment is conducted by one of our qualified technicians using specialised equipment that assess specific areas of energy usage such as lighting and air-conditioning.

From that assessment we provide a report and recommend a strategy to minimise your energy cost using specific technology best suited to your business needs.

NSW Energy Saving Assessment

We will contact you to make arrangements
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We have a dedicated team of engineers and licensed technicians that will deliver and install your energy saving solutions

We have a team of qualified engineers, technicians, electricians and specialised trades people that both install and service energy saving technology in your premises.

Installations are conducted with minimum impact to your operating environment and in most cases are finished within 24hrs.

All installations are conducted using ISO accredited systems and are certified to ensure your equipment is working correctly, and that our solutions are maximising the savings to you businesses.


Up to 75% off your lighting costs – which can represent a 50% saving off your overall current energy costs.

Plus government rebates so you can save also save on the installation costs.

Whilst reducing your environmental impact!

LED lighting

Lighting technology – as used in LED High Bay lights or LED Downlights, produce a better quality of light than traditional forms of lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent, contains no toxic substances or glass – and will last up to 10 times longer (50,000 hrs)!

LED Lighting Benefits :

  • Reduces energy costs – uses at least 75% less energy than standard lighting
  • Reduces maintenance costs – lasts for 50,000 hrs, no bulb-replacements, no ladders, no ongoing disposal program
  • Safe and durable — won’t break like a bulb, no toxic substances (mercury)
  • Less heat- lower air-conditioning costs
  • Instantly turns on- no waiting
ESS Commercial Lighting

Example of reduced lighting energy consumption: Subsidised LED High Bay lights

The process to achieve your energy savings

  • If interested, we will need to come on site by appointment and do an assessment for lighting upgrade
  • There is a regulatory mandatory Co-Contribution of $5/MWh of electricity saving (excluding GST) or whatever is quoted above the minimum. This needs to be paid on the day of installation
  • Prior to the assessment for lighting upgrade, we will need to obtain the following from you: Contact Name, Business Name, Business Address, ABN and nature of business i.e. Retail, wholesale, ware-house, manufacturing
  • A nomination form assigning the job to us as your ACP is required from the authorised signatory of the company
  • Once these formalities are completed, we will supply the lights to your premises on the day of the installation, oversee installation being done by the electrical contractor and complete the final stage of the documentation process
  • Old lights will need to be surrendered to us for recycling and will be taken away ASAP
  • Any additional costs – approved in advance, will need to be paid at the time of installation for e.g. power sockets, power cable extensions, hanging chains etc – including any additional time required by the electrical contractor
  • Please note: this offer is for a limited time, and the government’s terms and conditions are subject to change without notice