Commercial Solar Power Systems

E-lite can offer you a Solar solution with NO upfront or out of pocket expense. Sensible terms and conditions apply.

We use Tier 1 quality products – including Canadian Solar panels, plus SolarEdge Inverters and Power Optimisers.

To calculate the applicable size of solar system required, the payback timeframe, and ongoing savings involved – we just need information from your recent electricity bill, so that a free detailed assessment (valued at $140) and proposal can be created.

For a light industry business – with energy charged @ 37 cents per kWh, the expected solar power system payback period is 3 years – based on the reduced power costs. The ongoing savings – would potentially grow to 10,715 per year by 25 years

E-lite also offers LED Lighting government subsidies under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), and SA Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) – so we can assess that for you at the same time if applicable.

E-lite Solar Power Systems
Energy usage

Assessment Energy Consumption Profile

E-lite will tailor the solar power system to your specific needs.

To create the relevant assessment, please contact us and we’ll help organise details of your energy consumption patterns and overall level of power requirements – so we can help ensure you’ll receive the maximise benefits from your solar power system.

We assess various aspects of your power usage – including the energy consumption patterns across a typical day – for an entire week, month and year.

Your Solar Power System

Based on analysing your energy consumption, we’ll be able to recommend an appropriate solar power system to suit your requirements – now and into the future.

The system proposal will include details of the suggested (Canadian Solar) panels, plus (SolarEdge) inverters, power optimisers, and monitoring platform – as applicable.

We create systems for small, medium, and large scale commercial needs – which will provide significant financially benefit by utilising the latest solar power technology in a viable way.

E-lite Commercial Solar Power Systems

Your Solar Production

Here is what your new energy usage is likely to look like.

As you can see for this real example: this will produce 59.54kWh/day on average, contributing 111.5% to your site’s energy consumption.

Based on a 15kWh solar system installed and calculated on daily usage of 55.23 kWh.

Energy Sources

Here’s how your energy production will vary across the year.

The graph below shows how much energy your solar panels will produce each month.

Solar Production

Your new electricity bill

By doing this in-depth energy analysis for every hour of the year, we are able to accurately calculate your bill savings and return on investment. Our calculations also account for your location, electricity tariff structure, panel orientation and shading.

We calculate that you will save $6,770/year off your electricity bill! Over the 25 years of analysis the total revenue will sum to $213,682.
Based on a 15kWh solar system installed and calculated on daily usage of 55.23 kWh.

Our calculations also factor in your location, electricity tariff structure, panel orientation and shading!

Annual Bill
Lifetime Benefits

Your solar cashflow

A solar power system typically has savings in excess of the repayments – it simply pays for itself by reducing your electricity. It also delivers benefits well beyond the timeframe of your initial outlay. Put simply, financed solar makes sense!

Based on a 15kWh solar system installed and calculated on daily usage of 55.23 kWh.

Cashflow Positive
Annual Benefits
Clean Energy Council Member

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Our solar specialists in SA or NSW will arrange a free assessment and proposal.

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