LED High Bay

LED High Bay

Widely used in Factory, Workshop, Warehouse, Logistics Centre, Exhibition Hall, Gymnasium, Shipyards, Mining, Petrol Station, Supermarket, etc.

Features and Details

SAA Models + Power: EL-HL100B 100W, EL-HL120B 120W, EL-HL150B 150W

  • Lumens: 130lm/w
  • DLC 3.0
  • Driver: MEAN WELL
  • Color Temp Range: 2700-7500K
  • Housing: AL and Glass
  • Operation Temp: -20°C to 45°C
  • Life Span: 50,000 hours duty cycle
  • Voltage Range: AC100-277V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Beam Angle: 60degree 120degree
  • CRI: >75
  • PF: ≥0.95
  • Power Efficiency: ≥90%
  • Warranty: 5 Years

led bay lights NSWLED lights are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re gaining in popularity for various reasons. Do you want to get the most fantastic deal on LED bay lights NSW? You’ve found it! LED lights from E-Lite LED are of the highest quality and priced competitively.

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What Are LED High Bay Lights?

LED high bay lights are also referred to as LED UFOs. Lepro is a firm that specialises in LED technology and manufactures LED UFO high bay light systems. These are the most effective LED lighting systems available for warehouses due to the numerous advantages and features.

LEDs have a lifespan nearly 50 times greater than that of regular bulbs. Because of this benefit, LEDs are an excellent option for any warehouse that wants to replace its existing lighting system with one that is not only more cost-effective but also more long-lasting and efficient.

led bay lights SydneyLED Bay Lights Sydney

The LED bay lights Sydney offer many advantages; nevertheless, not everyone is a candidate for their use: There may be a significant initial investment required. Because they do not generate any heat as conventional incandescent lights do, the procedure of installing them does not require any special preparation. When installed outside, you will also need specialised equipment to protect them from being harmed by rain or other forms of moisture.

The Installation of LED High Bay Lights NSW

For instance, in a room with a very high ceiling, say 10 feet, you will need to install two light fixtures to illuminate the space adequately. This will ensure that all sections of your room have adequate lighting and are free of shadows. You will also be able to eliminate the glare and minimise the false shadows cast by a single light source. So, get you LED high bay lights NSW today and install them now to get the best lighting for your home.

led high bay NSWBenefits of LED High Bay NSW

In our day-to-day lives, we made use of LED high bay NSW, which has many benefits. Following are a few of the many benefits offered by LED high bay lighting;

Economic Efficiency

LED UFO High Bay lights to have a longer lifespan and use less power than conventional high bay lights, which is the primary reason they are more economically efficient than traditional high bay lights. Because of this, you’ll need to replace your LEDs less frequently because their lifespan is significantly greater than that of fluorescent lamps. Because the typical lifespan of an LED is up to 50,000 hours, you will only need to replace less than one per cent of your LED high bay NSW annually.

led high bay SydneyHigh Luminous Efficiency

It can emit far more light than conventional lighting and even more lumens per area unit. Because it has a great Color Rendering Index (CRI), it may make the colours of items appear more vibrant and brighter when illuminated by the light. This is why it is desirable.


LED High Bay lighting has a very long lifespan, one that is significantly greater than that of conventional high bay lighting. Because their typical lifespan is around 50,000 hours, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years.

Energy Saving

Compared to conventional high bay lights, the power consumption of LED High Bay is significantly reduced. It is approximately fifty per cent cheaper on average.

Individualisation of Color

You have your choice from a wide range of colours, each of which may be managed independently using software that is simple to access.

Absence of Any Dangerous Radiation

Mercury vapour, which is present in traditional lighting, poses a threat to the health of individuals. On the other hand, LED High Bay lighting does not include any harmful elements.

high bay lights NSWRequiring No Maintenance

LED Due to the mercury lamps’ inability to function at high temperatures, high bays do not require routine maintenance. This is especially true in locations with a low average annual temperature. You don’t need to be concerned about variations in temperature because LED bulbs can function normally even when exposed to very high temperatures.


The LED high bay Sydney has a lesser risk of fire and heat emission, making it a more secure alternative to traditional high bay lighting.

Optimising Use of Space

The size of an LED High Bay light is substantially more compact when compared to that of a conventional high bay light. To free up extra storage space for the use of other apps.


LEDs do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients, such as lead, mercury, or metal halides. It only includes a few metals that aren’t harmful to the surrounding ecosystem. LED High Bay Lights have various applications and can be utilised in multiple settings, including homes, factories, warehouses, streets, runways, and other types of illumination.

The Effects of the Lighting

When selecting whether or not to transition to a different lighting style, the performance of the lighting is a final factor that should be considered. Compared to its HID counterparts, high bay lights NSW are noticeably brighter and more energy efficient.

LEDs use a multi-point architecture, which means the light they emit is distributed evenly across the surface they are aimed at. Consequently, the difference in light levels between different fixture mounting sites across a given surface will be smaller. In addition to ensuring that light is distributed evenly, LEDs come in a wide range of correlated colour temperatures (CCTs). As a result, they offer various options for enhancing the “brightness” that the human eye perceives.

High Bay Lights Sydney: An Excellent Option For any Warehouse

When selecting the light that would work best in your warehouse, high bay lights Sydney provide several advantages. LED light bulbs to have a longer lifespan and require less power than traditional high bay lights, which is why they are more cost-effective than the latter. LED High Bay lighting eliminates glare and lessens the effect of artificial shadows cast by a single source of illumination, which are both benefits of using this type of lighting. Because of these benefits, LEDs are an excellent option for any warehouse interested in upgrading its existing lighting system without lowering the lighting’s quality or overall efficiency, all while saving money in the form of lower installation costs and energy bills over the long term. LED High Bay lights can also be utilised as LED Outdoor Lights in various settings.

high bay lights SydneyWhy Choose E-Lite for LED High Bay Sydney?

One of the key objectives of the company we started is to provide customers with high-quality products and services that we sell as well as install, allowing them to reduce their monthly energy expenditures. In order to suit the needs of both the residential and commercial markets in Australia, we actively create and produce LED high bay Sydney. Components such as MOSO LED drivers, which are of the finest quality and can be readily programmable with intelligent lighting control to optimise the light’s control, minimise energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and so on, are also available from E-lite.

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